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John Liteky
Born in United States
68 years
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John Patrick Liteky - "By running, walking, praying, chanting, fasting you and I are witness to the world, in the most disarming ways that we are putting our lives on the line - across the line! - for peace, justice, love and nonviolence. I sing along with U-2 "WALK ON,WALK ON, WALK ON!"" J. Patrick Liteky

This memorial website was created to remember father, brother, friend, poet, and extrodiary human being, John Patrick Liteky.

 Patrick, as he was known to many,  was born in United States, in San Diego, California on March 26, 1940 and passed away on July 23, 2008 in Seattle Washington.


Patrick suffered a severe stroke in June of 2008.  On his final day, in his final moments, he was with his two sons, Joshua and Jeremy Liteky, and his former wife and forever friend, Patricia Hoffman.


Patricks ashes will be scattered "off the pier in Santa Cruz" according to his wishes, by his sons.

This memorial website was created to give all of you who knew him, as a way to say "goodbye" and a way to communicate with Josh and Jeremy.   PLEASE feel free to upload any pictures, memories, condolences, or simply "light a candle" in  his memory.

He will live on in many ways, through is resistance work, his peace activism, his writing, and his poetry .  He also lives on through his sons and his twin grandsons, Logan and Gray Liteky, and his grandson-in-love, Max Toews.  He is survived by his eldest brother, Charlie Liteky, and his wife, Judy, and his brother/cousin Michael Donovan and wife Sharon.  Patrick leaves us all a legacy of being a seeker, and doing what feels was right in the soul.

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Pat in Crisp Co. Jail Crossing "the line" his apt at Brighton Court Say Cheese! Proud Grampops with twin grandsons three generations SOA Banner view from his window Grampops gets a lesson in spaceships Pat at the Grandkids birthday with Josh Jer helps Pops move in what IS he thinking here? Seattle Thanksgiving right and left wing?