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John Liteky
Born in United States
68 years
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Family Tree
Mary Lou Saso
Pat was my teacher and friend from Mother Butler Memorial High School. He taught us comparative religion which I was interested in. We continued our friendship into the Santa Cruz Mountains with him becoming a supervisor and disillusioned with the system. I went to his wedding at Roaring Camp where they rode in on horses and it was a gorgeous day. A lot of time passed and he moved away doing his lifes' spiritual work and activism. For the last 3-4 years I have searched for him and finally discovered his passing. He continued the work of those he admired before him giving his life for the cause. Something ironic I forgot. We had marched on the meadow to protest the safeway being built and then years later he won 1000.00 for life in a drawing. His plan, which I'm sure he did was to give it to his sons. I loved Pat and always will. Thank God I got to know him.
Lee Gaston
I worked for Pat during his time at the California Conservation Corp in '76-'77.  He was a delightful man to spend time with...funny, smart, and always the iconoclast.  I remember when he resigned from the SC County Board of Supervisors and for some reason Gov. Brown was supposed to appoint or approve his successor and, being Jerry, was slow to act.  Pat finally marked up a picket sign and went out into Capitol Park and marched up and down, picketing the Gov with a sign saying "Gov. Brown, when will you appoint my successor?" or some such thing.
God bless his soul.
Lee Gaston
Logan Liteky

Grampops used to stick his tongue out a lot, and he would make me pull his finger then he would fart or spit.  ha ha!  He, like, did some funny faces at me.  I liked to play with him, games with him.  My sweet memory is when he hugged me all the time.  AND he let me jump on his bed.  He used to live in Portland, then he moved to Brighton Court, and we could go see him.  He used to come to our house a lot.

Do you know my favorite part?  His face. He was so cute.

I love you Grampops.


Linda Brender

Jp , I cannot believe you are gone!

My favorite memories of you were at Jen and Jer's wedding.. You were asked to read a special blessing and you were very anxious about it..  You were worried that you would become very emotional as it was an emotional Poem

You did it beautifully! and you were thrilled.. your smile was ear to ear!

You were also right there all the time working with us.. doing everything you were asked..

We always enjoyed your  company and we will miss you!


Patricia J
Patrick came into the dental office where I was working at the time back in the 70's.  He captured my attention.  He was handsome, funny and interesting.  Our first date was to a nudie beach in Santa Cruz.  He was living in a very cool bachelor pad in Boulder Creek. He was running an unconventional grass roots campaign for county supervisor. The man always saw things in a different way; he was far more passionate than I. In so many ways he was like my own father.  Bright, creative, inventive, interested in so many things but possessing a short attention span.  He did manage to focus on the SOA and sacrificed years toward the cause. He so loved his sons but didn't have the experience or parental knowledge he would have liked. He did the best he could.  We had our ups and downs but did have something very specific in common; Josh and Jeremy.  This is the tie that binds us forever. He was an unusual man, rather eccentric of course, but you can't deny he left his footprint on the planet.  See you later Pops!   p
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