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John Liteky
Born in United States
68 years
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Life story
September 12, 2008

How can one go about writing the life story of a man who was constantly writing his own?  I shall not attempt his noble undertaking,  but merely an overview of some of his lifes major events and experiences. 

John Patrick Liteky was born to Charles and Gertrude (Diggs) Liteky in 1940. He has two brothers, Charlie Liteky and James Liteky (deceased). Jimmy preceded Patrick in death in a diving accident while still a young man.  Patrick entered a seminary in 1953, where he would live the academic, religious life of becoming a Catholic Priest for the next ten years.  His desire to do good was evident, but his commitment to the doing it by means of the priesthood was not as strong.  Pat left the seminary in 1964 to further his ideas about life by attending school in Washington D.C. and studying philosophy. 

He returned home to Jacksonville, Florida and taught Latin and Religious Studies at the High School level.   In 1969 Pat entered the Army, and served in the USA and Germany.  After seeing what man can do to man firsthand, he rejected OCS training to remain a PFC and Conscientious Objector. His time spent in the Army inspired him to tell the truth about what he had seen, and knew he needed to get involved in revealing appalling  American Military dealings in foreign countries.

Upon coming home, he continued his studies in Theology, and became a counselor and chairman of the Religious Studies Department at a High School in San Jose.

In 1970-71 he fell in love with the Boulder Creek area, and he lived, wrote, and grew in his purpose.  When his mother died in late 1971, he took a year off of teaching, instead doing "odd jobs" and giving himself time to write.  "What Do We Do Now" , a book of original poems, was printed, and his voice began to be heard. 

This was also the era of the "dental office visit" where Pat met his future/ former wife Patricia Scheuermann, with whom he had two sons, Joshua and Jeremy.  He was elected to the Board of Supervisors in Santa Cruz County, where he was struggling to make change in the system.

Patrick was a contributor in creating the California Conservation Corps,instrumental in supporting  the UTE (undesirable transient element) in the city and was a strong supporter of the Arts his entire life.

Patrick was involved with many non-violent activist movements, and contributed to "peace actions" to protest violence, weapons, and war.  More information about this can be found at these websites:


Patrick spent many years seeking.  Seeking truth.  Seeking Peace.  We who loved him all truly hope he has found that.   

In his final few years of life, he had the wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with both Josh, Jeremy, and Charlie Liteky.  Let's continue to tell his  life story, by all of us adding memories to this site, as many as you like, so we can all share in remembering him.